Had the amazing opportunity to create a simple melody to demonstrate this incredible slit drum. One of the important uses they use this drum for is therapy. By having the individual lay on the side of the drum while the drum is played the vibrations sooth and relax the individual. Just incredible! If you are interested in learning more about obtaining these incredible instruments contact Pioneer Valley Imports at www.pioneervalleyimports.com



This drum has an amazing amount of layered textures. Full low end with nice crisp slaps and nice snare effect that can be adjusted with the 2inOne Spiral Snares. Playing surface can be adjusted as well. Contact Pioneer Valley Imports at www.pioneervalleyimports.com



I was blown away by the huge amount of possibilities, colors, tones and textures that this small Cajon posses. There are two very distict instruments in one. The air hole is also very easy to use contolling yet another charicteristic. Very subtle changes in controlling the air in and out creates yet a whole new adventure.



An incredible diverse drum. Set up like a Conga but encompasses characteristics of the Snare Drum, Conga, Bongo, Ashiko, even Djembe. Easy accessibility and sensitivity you can also play this drum with several different brushes which opens up the door for even more complex textures and rhythm patterns. Visit www.pioneervalleyimports.com to learn more.




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