Producers: (Producer, Artist, Recording)
Scott Petito, Anne Hills, Angle of the Light
Scott Petito, Elizabeth Stratten, Red Tide
Scott Petito, Kate MacDonald, Broken Bones
Scott Petito, Leslie Ritter, Water Colors & In The Silence
Scott Petito, Peter Spinks, Won't Be Denied & all there is
Scott Petito, Rich Santora, Challenges & Change
Scott Petito, Steve Crammer, A False Sence of Security
Scott Petito, Karen Beth, Magic
Scott Petito, Ben Murray & Siobhan Quinn, Two Rivers
Scott Petito, Maria Zemantauski, Seeing Red & Maria Z Christmas
Scott Petito, Christopher Shaw, Adirondack Serenade
Scott Petito, Helen Avakian, Vanishing Point
Scott Petito, Lise Winnie, Wing'd with Hope
Scott Petito, Ben Murray & Siobhan Quinn
Scott Petito, Kat Mills
Scott Petito, Priscilla Herdman
Scott Petito, Maria Zemantauski, Petty Feet & Mistletoe
Scott Petito, Kat Mills, Longtime
Scott Petito, Ben Murry & Siobhan Quinn, Two Rivers
Scott Petito, Ben Murry & Siobhan Quinn, The Grande Affair
Aaron Hurwitz, Nina Adel, Do Ya Feel That Way
Tony Markellis, Mike Jerling, New Suit of Clothes
Tony Markellis, Roseanne Raneri, Frantic and Weightless
Artie Traum, Diane Zigler, Sting of the Honeybee
Artie Traum, Happy Traum, I Walk The Road Again
Bruce Youmans, TDK Ultimate Guide to Record CD's, Industrial
Gary Kavistad, Anyone Can Whistle, Industrial
Bob Irwin, Artie & Happy, Bring It On Home - Compilation
Ram Goshal, Miche' Fambro, Chapel Sessions
Ram Goshal, Roop Verma, World Music Ensemble
Mark Rabin, Chris Shaw & Bridget Ball, Mt. Snow & Mistletoe
Adam Rothberg, Erin Gill Reilly, Sky Blue
Adam Rothberg, Bernice Lewis, Religion & Release
Vikki True, Sweet Sisters of Mercy, Galileo
Scott McPherson, Matt Smith, Delta Radio
Scott McPherson, Marcus Ruggiero, Shed Some Light
Scott McPherson, Parschauer Sisters, Candlelight Christmas
Jody Grey, Urchants, Yummy
Eddie Krammer, Out of Control, Shake the Nation
Bob Button, Caribe' Mambo, 'Nothin to Prove 'cept the Groove
Kevin McKrell, McKrells, Better Days
Kevin McKrell, McKrells, This Past Year
Kevin McKrell, McKrells, LIVE
Kevin McKrell, McKrells, Adrenalin Hayride
Kevin McKrell, McKrells, Traveling Man
Kevin McKrell, The Wind Upon The Hill
Katie McKrell, Kevin McKrell, I Wish I Had A Boat
John Kribs, McKrells, Christmas
John Kribs, Delia
Chris Leske, The McKrells, Hit the Ground Running
Clark Darlington, Maria Elena, Living for Myself
Azam Hameed, Oaziz, Oaziz
Tony Perino, John Stevens, Songs from the Wild Frontier
Tony Perino, Marcus Ruggiero, Shed Some Light
Tony Perino, Carl Mateo, Big White House
Tony Perino, Corley Roberts, Me
Tony Perino, Altered Statemen, Caroline Street
Tony Perino, S'Man, Into the Light
Frank Roth, Industrials, TDK - "So Real" campaign
Greg Speck, SuperNOVA, SuperNova
Greg Speck, SuperNOVA, Freedom is the Way
Greg Speck, SuperNOVA, So Good So Far
Monica Wilson, Monica Wilson, 24 Hours
Don Persons, Sara Pirdle, Magical Earth
Don Persons, Schoolastic Books, Reading Primer - Sounds of Phonics
Willie Moak, These Pants Were Made In China
Mike Jerling, Bridget Ball, Bricks & Windows
Reese Shad, Mimi Aufderhar, Mimi
John Nazarenko, Peggy Delaney, Beloved
Garius Hill, Garius Hill, Apple Gate Lane
Garius Hill, Karma Martel, Karma
Chas Eller, Mike Smiarowski, Islan Fantasy Part II
Decadent Royals, Decadent Royals, JAYNE
Ray Wall, Martha Gallagher, Singing Strings for Christmas
Steve Seibert, Steve Seibert, In The Bag
Steve Seibert, American Seating Company, Industrials
Steve Seibert, General Electric, Industrials
Steve Seibert, Metro Ford, Industrials
Dave Russell, Earth Drum, Industrial
Margery Cohen, Consuming Passions, Theatre Recording
Don Bautz, Don Golden, Shalom-Salaam
John Platania, Tarryn Waz, Small Acts of Treason
John Platania, Zoe B. Zak, Zoe B. Zak
Joe Saba, Susan Hamlin, Magic
Reggie Harris, Kim & Reggie / Magpie, Guide My Feet
Reggie Harris, Kim & Reggie Harris, Rock of Ages
Reggie Harris, Charlie King & Karen Bandow, I Struck Gold
Reggie Harris, Kim & Reggie Harris, Simplicity
Reggie Harris, Charlie King & Karen Brandow, Puppet Town
Jeff Townsend, John Kribs, Vibratile
Jeff Townsend, Don Golden, Dusty Toys
Brian Peters, Laura Risk, The Merry Making
Ronn McFarlan, Chris Norman, The Flower of Port Williams
Zoe B. Zak, Rabbi Jonathan Kligler, Come, My Friend
Gene Ort, Brian Melick, Perpetual Motion
Gene Ort, Brian Melick, Diverse World
Gene Ort, Brian Melick, The Art of Udu
Bobby Van Detta, Bobby Van Detta, My New Hero
Bobby Van Detta, Danny Allen
J'Keal Tristram, Neil Anderson, Dantes Local
Susan Hamlin, Younger Then The Sun
Maria Zemantauski, Maria Zemantauski, Seeing Red
Herman/Hills/Mangsen, Herman/Hills/Mangsen, At The Turning Of The Year
Mel Paskel, Tom Carroll, The One That You Forgot
The Providers, Roots & Blues
Bob Boyer/Tim Lynch, Marie Taziki, Little Box of Fantasy
Bob Boyer/Tim Lynch, Duane Carleton, A Girl Like That
Robert Wuagneux, Robert Wuagneux, 1-U w/U
Mike Dimin, Mike Dimin, Big Droppins
Chris Shaw, Wanda Fisher, Singing Along with The Radio
Camille West, Four Bitchin Babes, Some Assembly Required
Lane Gibson, Martha Gallagher, For the Love of a Baby
Lane Gibson, Martha Gallagher, 'Tween Heaven and Earth
Lane Gibson, Martha Gallagher, Ebb and Flow
Michael Bitterman, Anna Cheek, Closer To Now
James Durst, James Durst, Element of Surprise
James Durst, No Fracking Way
Dave Geoghegan, Dr. Jah and the Love Prophets
Brian Melick, Leading Ladies and Uduboy, Live Concert Performance
Brian Melick, Artists of Rensselaer County, LIVE Concert featuring the diversity
Brian Melick, Spring Music Residency, 4 pt concert series 2005 - 2010
Brian Melick, Acoustic Doorway Concert Series, 4 pt concert series 2009 - present
Brian Melick, Shifting Elements Concert Series, 4 pt concert series 2010 - 2011
Brian Melick, Celebration of Rhythm, 3 pt concert series 2013 - present
Rick Rourke, Vinnie Luciano
Rick Rourke, Rick Rourke
Susan Hamlin, Susan Hamlin, Younger Than The Sun
David Roth, David Roth, Think Twice
Sonny Daye, Sonny Daye & Perley Smith
Paul Helou, Paul Helou, Dreaming The Big Story
Bandaz, Cascade Folk Trio, Old Street
Dan Duggan, Peggy Lynn, A Stitch in Time
Dan Duggan, Peggy Lynn, Stand a Chance
Bruce Molsky, Mark Simos, Crazy Faith
Joel Moss/Charlie Eble, Susan Hamlin, A Saratoga Childrens Christmas Wish
Joel Moss/Charlie Eble, BossambaJazz & The McKrells, Saratoga Pie                                         Joel Moss, Ariana Gillis

Joel Moss, Heard,

Joel Moss, Golfstrom
Stu Kuby, Elizabeth Woodbury, KARIBU

Stu Kuby, Sam Reed

Stu Kuby, Ctherine Reed

Michael Miguelli Sgueglia, Kelly Bird

Greg Anderson, Daisycutter, Daisycutter

Greg Anderson, Snowday, Snowday
Dave Maswick, Joel Brown, Places

Dave Maswick, Jeff Brisbin, foreverly
Justin Metz, IMI, Call Me What You Will
Justin Metz, The Will of Fitz, Take The Time
Greg Nash, Baby, Greg Nash
Patsy O'Brien, Irish Guitar,
Rich Ortiz, Face of a Lion, Ray Nesbit
Scott Appecelli, The Girl In The Silver Leaves, Judy Wyle
Chris Fisher, Conehead Budda, Present Perfect
Garland Nelson, Brian Kaplan                                                                                             Gilbert Herwick, Bernstein Bard Quartet LIVE, Bernstein Bard Quartet

Al Kash, Al Kash, Spectrum Bateria

Hank Soto, Alex "Guitar" Garcia                                                                                                                         




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