This truly "hands-on" program introduces students, over 15 units, to the world of music and percussion through the study of cultures, instrument construction and playing techniques. The activities are interesting and the sounds are different every time! Students in grades 3-5 can’t wait to make music in this engaging, activity-filled study of percussion.


Introduce students to the world of percussion through the making and playing of instruments made from everyday materials.



Introduces the four main percussion instrument families
Demonstrates how to replicate percussion instruments from common objects
Models playing skills for fundamental rhythms
Fosters a sense of accomplishment in constructing instruments and mastering rhythms
Builds confidence through performing in a musical ensemble.


More About Playing with Percussion


Students will take a journey around the world and learn about the origin, rhythms and history of percussion instruments. Your students will benefit from this fascinating, fun and in-depth learning experience throughout this 15 lesson exploration into the world of percussion!


Activities lead students to make five different “found object” instruments that are theirs to keep. Students will understand history and music instruction in a truly hands-on fashion. Learners begin by launching an investigation into the two families of percussion instruments and the elements of percussion sound. Next, students will take off on a tour of rhythms around the world by studying the origin of instruments and the cultures from which they emerged. Young musicians will develop skills and techniques needed to play their handmade instruments with methods such as the call and respond and rhythm development.


Children may also be inspired to explain the cultural story of an instrument that reflects their own heritage. They will be excited to demonstrate newly acquired percussion techniques and perform in an ensemble. The performance will end with a meet and greet session for the performers, families and friends.


The Instructor’s Guide highlights each lesson, detailing examples of the instrument construction, playing techniques and a rich vocabulary list complete with pronunciations.


Your classroom kit comes with everything you need, including a step-by-step Instructor's Guide, complete supply list, Instructional DVD with all playing techniques, examples of each instrument you're students will build and a Resource CD that includes all student handouts. Also you can buy a supply kit and set of 20 student books to get you up and running fast!


Supply Kit for 20 Students are available


Wookbook Kit for 20 Students are available


* Please visit the Community Learning website to request a sample lesson from Playing with Percussion!




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