Udu Drum
The best Udu Drums period. I play Frank Giorgini’s Udu Drums exclusively. Have been since the early 80’s. Frank Giorgini has been honoring the tradition of the Nigerian Side Hole Pot Drums since the mid-70's. It was Franks drums that started a major textural change in the music industry since what the Conga did decades earlier. Visit Frank and learn more about the amazing wonderful intriguing world of the Udu Drum. Frank continues building and designing his hand built drums and has licensed his cast version known as Claytone ® exclusively through LP Music.com.
Latin Percussion
The Original... A massive collection of percussion instruments from all over the world. Always looking at developing new and exciting percussion sounds for you to develop your musical voice. Check them out.
Regal Tip
The greatest hand tools a drummer / percussionist would ever want or need. Sticks, Mallets, Brushes, and a vast collection of unique and original playing implements. Originally created by truly one of the nicest gentle men in the world, Joe Calato, Sr. Mr. Calato first designed the nylon tip decades ago that revolutionized the drumming world and changed the texture of what the drummer could do with their cymbals. Most recently he did it again with the amazing "E" Series nylon tip which consistently creates a sound on the cymbals like that of the wooden tip with out the chipping and unbalanced wear that a wooden tip goes through.
Amedia Cymbals
The most amazing New Old School collection of incredible cymbals. They have several diversified lines of cymbals for every musical situation and environment. I am very proud and honored to be endorced by Amedia Cymbals and to have been welcomed into their musical family. Please visit them to enjoy all of what Amedia offers.
Remo Drum Heads, Drums and Percussion
Legendary! They have the widest, deepest and most unique collection of different type of drumheads in the world. They are consistently pushing the envelop with their ever growing body of World Percussion Instruments and have offered some of the most unique and diverse drums for the drum set player. Check them out.
Some of the most amazing and useful devices that we can not be without. Once put into use from the snare sets to the tuning lugs to the specialty hardware and vast World Percussion you will be impressed when taking it all in.
Impact Industries
The Greatest most dependable cases for your one of a kind precious instruments. I was honored to be asked to help them develop their "Mud Cloth" ® World Percussion Instrument Cases. They have a case for anything you have...
Fredrico Percussion
Wonderfully Creative and Unique Percussion created by a great world class percussionist for other players. Fredrico is a true gem. Contact him and check out his great sounds, colors and textures.
Hardwood Music
You really need to hear and see these instruments. Michael Thiele is a Master Woodworker who has developed countless designs and countless tunings based on his amazingly wonderful and magical Hardwood Drums. Mike uses a vast collection of exotic woods that are specifically grown and harvested by private growers for use in furniture, art and musical instruments. I have several and have plans to obtain many many others. Just amazing instruments.

Artists & Groups I Have the Privilege to Work With

Maria Zemantauski
Features everything Maria Z. Maria is an incredibly Elegant & Dynamic artist who draws her influences on Classical and Flamenco styles with a love for all world music flavors. I continue to have the honor of working with Maria in all capacities; performing, recording, and teaching. Maria is an absolute treasure...
The Bernstein Bard Trio
The trio's musical roots draws on everything from Renaissance period music to Jazz and Blues to Reggae and World Beat. It is an absolute joy to work with them when they present the trio as the core of their larger ensemble.
Elizabeth Woodbury - Kasius & Heard
HEARD New World Jazz The original repertoire of HEARD is the work of composer-arranger-pianist ELIZABETH WOODBURY KASIUS who brings a wide array of styles --jazz, classical and world music-- into her captivating soundscape. Her inspirations come from her diverse experiences and interests and are often drawn from the raw and powerful sources that nature provides. Heard's dynamic and eclectic lineup of musicians gives Elizabeth a multitude of talents and textures to compose for, and to perform with.
Pickle Pie Productions - Seth and the Moody Melix
Thank you for visiting Pickle Pie Productions! Here you will find high quality fun educational media for children, families and educators. Seth and Tanika Warden created PPP in early 2011 which then became home to musical group; "Seth and the Moody Melix" Seth Warden; Guitar / Vocals, Doug Moody; Violin / Vocals and Brian Melick; Percussion. They have been performing at Elementary Schools, Libraries and Community events throughout the northeast in support of their new CD "Hi, Hello, How do you do". PPP is proud to announce their new line of picture books developed from lyrics to several of their songs. "Pickle Pie" the book, and "Little Lady Bug" are the first two off the press and will soon find their way into your nightly reading ritual! Visit our Products page to check them out! PPP is a leader in engaging educational content and makes their products available inside and outside of schools so that parents can play an equal and active role in educating their children. Please contact us if you are interested in booking a performance or Character Ed. Residency!
Kevin McKrell
Wow! Talk about your renaissance man... Kevin is a true artist in everyway. Entrepreneur, Song Writer (one of the best I have ever had the privilege to work with), Storyteller, Humorist, Author and a very talented Fine Artist. If you have not had the opportunity to cross paths with Kevin, stop by his site to see hear and read a little and you will experience what I mean. Be careful you may even book a spot on one of his many journeys around the globe... I have been working with Kevin in many different musical capacities for the past 12 years. I have recorded more with Kevin then any other artist. I think were up to at least 8 full length releases not counting the exciting new “LIVE” recording that he is currently under production with as well as several compilations for several different producers. Kevin and I have also been featured on television keeping the spirit of Christmas alive with our own take on “A Visit from St. Nick”. It’s like if you took a bit of Spike Jones and put it in a blender with a very serious Broadway Actor. Oh yeah! Throw in some bubbles…
Cathie Ryan
Angelic, Soft, Warm, Sweet, Powerful, Charming, Fun and always Elegant you get the picture. What an absolute treasure. It is such an honor to be considered a part of Cathie's Musical Family. I look forward to everytime I can cross paths and create music with her.
New York Players Entertainment
Dynamic and Totally encompassing music all around. I have never been involved with another group that has so many different genres that they truly have command over. Jazz, Latin, Rock, Funk, Blues etc. etc. I enjoy myself everytime I get to cross paths with ALL these different groups
Soul Session and Garland Nelson Presents
High Energy from the JUMP! Featuring everything dance music; R&B, Funk, Gospel and Soul. What a blessing it is to be one of the family.
Sonny and Perley
Wonderful, Smooth and Rich sound enfluenced heavily on the different styles of Jazz and Brazilian Music. Bossa Nova, Samba and the Great American Songbook are their Specialties. It is a true pleasure always to be involved in their music.
Aine Minogue
I had the extreme pleasure to work with Aine through a mutual friend. The ever talented Scott Petito. We performed and recorded "Live" for the Echoes show on NPR. Right from the beginning I was truly touched by Aine and her music. Very moving and totally encompassing I just couldn't get enough of her music. Gentle, Sweet, Mystic, what a journey it takes you on. I really love how delicate and colorful her music and sound is. Having had the opportunity to visit with Aine you see right away that she is her music. I really look forward to the opportunity to cross paths with Aine again and encourage all of you to visit and learn more about Aine and her beautiful music.
John Davey Music
I have had the pleasure to be involved in several projects with John over the years. He is a very gifted and diverse artist that draws upon every type of music both abstract and conventional to develop his sound. Musician, Composer, Producer, Educator - you can learn about everything he is involved with by visiting his site.
Steve Gorn
Steve is regarded as a western master of the eastern Indian Bansuri Bamboo Flute. Truly one of the most magical sounds I have ever heard. He has been praised by critics and leading Indian musicians as one of the few westerners recognized to have captured the subtlety and beauty of Indian music. Steve also plays Soprano Sax and Clarinet as well as whistles and flutes from several cultures. I met Steve years ago through a video project that I was featured on highlighting many wonderful world class percussionists sharing ideas and methods on the Nigerian Udu Drum. After meeting him I had always hoped to work with Steve and found my wish came true when my friend John Davey put together a world music trio called Globetrotting. I look forward with great anticipation to every opportunity to create wonderful music with Steve and John. You will not believe all of the amazing things Steve is involved with. Visit him so you can also be one of the many that consider him a true treasure...
Joe Giardullo
Joe is a wonderfully progressive and prolific composer, producer, musician and sound designer. I have had the extreme pleasure of performing and recording with Joe. I am honored to be the featured percussionist on his latest release on RogueArt entitled Red Morocco as well as blessed to have been a part of an incredible rhythm section on his soon to be released recording with Harvey Sorgen. To learn more about Joe’s vast music catalog his ongoing amazing list of projects as well as his current tour schedule please take a minute and visit his site.
Martha Gallagher
Martha is a very diverse artist. Who is a powerhouse entertainer. She is a truly inspired composer, arranger, singer and Celtic Harper. Always exploring new and exciting ways to draw more from her musical voice on the Celtic harp. Incorporating everything from Americana Roots to Celtic Traditions to Jazz & Swing and World Music. Martha’s music will put you in a very peaceful, fun, intense, magical place. To learn more about the wonderful work she is doing visit her at her website and plan to see one of her performances.
The Foy Brothers
Deep, Rich vocals laid over a Deep, Rich groove with Powerful melodies wrapping themselves around the whole. Very soulful and provocative is what I felt when I first heard this music. I am especially proud to be a part of this musically family since I have known them since I was 3. I grew up with Charee and graduated high school with her as well as looked up to Kevin & Mark Foy as I was growing up. I have had the pleasure to work with Mark Giammattei in several other projects. Mark G. has always been a great friend and avid supporter in all of my endeavors. He is a constant inspiration to me. I also feel very blessed in crossing paths with Joe and John and creating great music together. To learn more about these wonderful people and their great music please visit their site. I know you will be hooked as soon as you hear their first notes.

Electronic Press Kits

Globetrotting: World Music Trio's Electronic Press Kit
For more information on Globetrotting the world music trio I am involved with, please visit our Electronic Press Kit to hear us and to view our vitals.

Record Companies, Producers and Recording Studios I Am Associated With

Gene Michael Productions
Incredible source for Licensed music sound libraries for the industrial and commercial markets. I am honored to have two sound libraries with them A/V 195 Perpetual Motion and A/V 245 The Art of Udu. They have placed my music libraries with every major motion picture house as well as many major television producers. My music has been used regularly on Discover Channel, TLC, and the Animal Channel. If interested in this type of use please stop by and visit them. They are wonderful folks.
Hudson Valley Records
Wonderful Independent Record Company that licensed my "Percussive Voices" CD and put it out into the world. They really treated great and put it into the hands of some of the most diverse radio stations around the world. I am very proud of the doors it has opened and the reviews that it was given. They have a very nice diverse catalog of music. Please stop by and visit them and learn more about their great artists and their music.
Scott Petito Productions
Scott Petito is a true "One of a Kind". Deeply gifted as a musician, composer, arranger, producer, recording and mastering engineer he posses the greatest ability to bring out the very best you have. He is very passionate in his approach to every recording that he does. He hears everything and can make changes and edits in blazing speed. So quick that you don’t even realize that it has happened. I have been blessed to have been invited into Scott's musical world and will be forever grateful for the opportunities I have had with him and what he has done for me. Scott has opened many doors for me and has inspired me in many more ways musically then I ever imagined. There is not enough room here to even try to introduce what Scott represents. I can only sum up that if you are interested in creating the very best work that you can, I would strongly suggest that you contact Scott and make an appointment to visit with him. You will never be sorry that you did.
Alfred Music Publishing
#1 educational Music Publisher since 1922 They are the manufactures and distributors of my instructional DVD on the udu drum "The How to of Udu"

Percussion Instrument Resources

Pioneer Valley Imports
Wonderful folks who are the exclusive North American importers of Schlagwerk Percussion Instruments. Absolutely incredible line of German made percussion instruments. A wide variety of Cajons. Both Peruvian (Conga like sounds. Round and Mellow textures) as well as Spanish (Snare Texture with Crisp Highs and Low Full Bodied Bass as well as nice musical Mid-Range tones. Used for Flamenco Style Music) They even have a dual Cajon with both instruments in one. Schlagwerk has also a series of slit drums including one called the Big Bom which is used in therapeutic applications since an adult can lie on the side of the drum while the drum is played. Truly incredible sound. Hits you deep and moves the soul. Check out the videos posted on my site to hear the musical examples I created to help promote these wonderful instruments.
Dance Shakers featuring Bali Shekere'
Absolute works of art. After 20 years of being on the hunt for a very specific sound and texture in a shekere, I found Tim "Timbali" Cornwell. I was very pleased in how Timbali really paid very close attention to every detail of what I was looking for. He guided me through the process by asking me very specific questions so he really had a clear picture of what I was interested in. He sought out the specific materials needed to create my instrument and took great care in honoring what my desires were to the most finite degree. A true gentlemen and artist in the highest order. I would not only recommend Timbali but I would encourage you to start with Timbali. When I received the instrument, I took it out of the well planed packaging and shook the instrument one time and was blown away. It was amazingly perfect in every way. Size, shape, weight, look and feel. exactly the size and weight of the beads and how they complimented each other.

Special Interests

Visit the site to see a wonderful array of American Handmade Baskets. Each one is truly a work of art. The craftsmen sign and date each basket. The company also offers pottery, jewelry and wrought iron accessories. Book a party, purchase product or just enjoy the visit!
Pure 64
My great friend Mark Giammattei has developed an amazing guitar amplifier. It continues to get incredible reviews from critics and players alike. If you are at all interested in learning more about a truly remarkable, powerful, and crystal clear sounding amplifier visit Mark and see for yourself what everyone is raving about
Mohawk Valley Guitars
Custom Built Guitars, Refurbishing and Rebuilding as well as Repair work on anything stringed. Eric Marczak is an incredible treasure in the world of fine wood work. He is an incredible Luthier and Flute Builder. His attention to fine detail and respect to the anatomy of fine string and woodwinds is second to none. His instruments are quickly reaching international exposure and appreciation by many top performers and composers. Mark Pelkey is an institution in his own right. Working for many years as a custom designer of both acoustic as well as electric stringed instruments for several of the top recording studio's in New York for over 20 years he is continually sought out for his attention to fine detail in both worlds. Visit Eric and Mark to see the incredible work they do...





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